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We offer multiple options for toe surgery, including aesthetic toe-shortening surgerytoe-straightening surgerytoe-lengthening surgery as well as hammertoe surgery. All of our surgeries are performed via a ‘minimally-invasive approach’ which can be performed through a tiny key-hole incision.

Abnormally short toes may be acquired as an adult or result from a congenital disorder. Isolated short toes can be embarrassing and lead to functional problems later in life. Isolated short toes can be a problem which is aesthetically displeasing and lead to many of the same social and functional issues as with excessively long toes.

Depending on the cause, a procedure can be performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of the toe and restore its length. Because no two feet are alike, each patient deserves individualized attention and a procedure geared towards their specific situation and goals may be proposed. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of one or more of your toes, we can help.

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