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We welcome you as a patient to our Podiatry practice in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We are grateful that you have chosen us as the health care provider for your feet. Please do not hesitate to discuss any areas of concern. Everyone in this office is a trained professional and works as a team member dedicated to providing you with the finest medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatments for the foot and ankle.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

When you come to our office for your visit, we will need to see your insurance card(s) and your driver’s license (or other valid picture identification). We will scan these into our computer system so that you will only need to present them at your first visit of each year or if your insurance changes. Unless you have already completed the new patient forms, we will ask that you complete those prior to seeing the doctor. One of our Registered Nurses will escort you to a treatment room and will talk to you about your foot or ankle complaint, as well as reviewing your medical history, your family medical history, and your lifestyle. You will need to remove your socks and shoes from both feet, even if your complaint involves only one foot for examination for comparison purposes. The doctor will examine your feet and discuss your concerns and the history of your foot or ankle complaint. If x-rays are needed, they can be performed in our office with results immediately available to the doctor. If you have medical records, x-rays or other diagnostic test results which may be relevant to the reason for your visit, please bring those with you as they may assist the doctor in his assessment, diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

Items to bring to your first appointment

  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Driver’s License or other picture ID
  • New Patient Forms, completed & signed
  • List of prescription & over-the-counter medications
  • Relevant medical records and/or x-rays if available.

New Patient Forms:


Please call us at (208) 666-0605 or fill out the form below
to submit your information

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Hello, how can we help you?