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What is Minimally

Invasive Surgery?

The term minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is used to describe a number of surgeries as well as diagnostic procedures. It includes laparoscopic procedures (abdominal surgery through small holes with an endoscope) and endoscopy in which body organs or cavities are inspected by use of an endoscope.

In traditional surgeries, a large incision is typically made in order to operate. With MIS, the surgeon is able to make small holes into which they insert specially designed instruments to perform the operation.

These small incisions are the key to MIS. Some benefits include less tissue damage, less pain, and faster recovery.

Dr. Nunez has received additional training in order to perform these highly technical procedures. He currently teaches the techniques as well.

Is MIS Right for you?

At Coeur d’Alene Foot & Ankle Clinic, minimally invasive procedures are used whenever possible. Certain MIS procedures may not be ideal for every patient so your surgeon will discuss all of your options prior to surgery.


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