For too many women, wearing fashion-forward shoes means that the health and comfort of their feet take a backseat. It is an unfortunate reality that some of the trendiest and most fashionable ladies’ shoe styles are also prone to causing a wide range of foot problems.

High-heels, pinched toe boxes, shoes lacking in support – all of these common characteristics of women’s’ shoes aren’t doing your feet any favors. That doesn’t mean that you are doomed to a future of frumpy footwear; it just means that you need to make some good choices and take some common-sense steps to keep your feet feeling good while they are looking good.

Here are basic do’s and don’ts for women when shopping for or wearing fashionable shoes:

  • DO try before you buy. Shoe sizes can be notoriously inconsistent across brands and styles. If you want shoes that fit, you need to try them on. If you really want to ensure that your feet will be comfortable in a pair, try them on closer to the end of the day, when your feet are a bit more swollen than they are in the morning. If you buy shoes online, don’t hesitate to return them if you try them on and they don’t feel right.
  • DO protect your feet as you age. As we get older, we lose a lot of the fat pad on the bottom of our feet that provides us with cushioning and support. To make up for this loss, find shoes that offer ample amounts of both.
  • DON’T wear too-high heels. Few shoe styles are as antithetical to foot health as high-heels. They make women more prone to injury and put pressure on the metatarsal bones in the balls of the feet, as well as your lower back. Over time, wearing high-heeled shoes on a regular basis can shorten the muscles and tendons in the back of your legs. If you must wear heels, keep them at two inches or less.
  • DON’T wear shoes without proper arch support. Shoes with adequate arch support can not only protect your heels and spare you from avoidable heel pain and conditions like plantar fasciitis, but they can also take care of your bones, joints, and ligaments.  

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