My name is Kem Nuesca; I have had the pleasure to be a patient / client of CDA Foot & Ankle clinic since June 2013. Over time I developed what is commonly known as “over usage” UN healing calluses on the ball of the foot, no matter how much pampering, the problem got worse. I could barely wear tennis shoes, and always in severe pain by the end of the day. With a lot of fear of having any surgery on my foot I waited until I couldn’t stand at the end of the day. I met Dr. Nunez and his staff for an Osteotomy of the 2nd,3rd, 4th ,5th metatarsals. Dr. Nunez with an outpatient surgical procedure corrected all my foot problems.
It is now five months post op and I am pain free, walk normally, and no longer have to spend hours each day pampering my feet just to get any sleep at night. Dr. Nunez and all his staff work hand in hand, have guided my every step of the way, attended to any needs, and concern through this process.
I have re- gained faith in our medical options available for foot and toe correction by choosing the right doctor. Thank you so much, CDA Foot & Ankle, Dr. Nunez and all your staff for the exceptional care and freeing my daily life of ongoing pain. I am happy to say I can even wear high heels which I never thought would be possible.

Kem Nuesca