Minimally invasive surgery

By offering minimally invasive surgery to our patients, these are some of the benefits:

Less Injury to Tissue

Most traditional surgeries require a long incision that creates more trauma to the soft tissues. Because there are no long incisions in MIS, less tissue damage is involved leading to quicker recovery.

Less Pain

Studies have shown that postoperative patients of MIS procedures report less pain and typically require less pain relievers than patients undergoing traditional surgeries.

Shorter Surgical Times

All of our patients are awake during their surgeries and general anesthesia is not used. This, along with the small incisions and reduced soft tissue trauma allow patients to recover and return to normal activities more quickly.

Less Scarring

MIS foot & ankle procedures require smaller incisions, usually between a few mm and 1 cm for the more common procedures. This means that scars are smaller and less noticeable. The scars that do form are small and typically have a less jagged edge.